9 wines of Doña Paula achieve 90+ in Robert Parker

The highest score went to Doña Paula Alluvia Parcel 2017 with 94 points.



The highest score went to Doña Paula Alluvia Parcel 2017 with 94 points. Estate Malbec 2018 was also highlighted with 90 points.

The latest Argentina report by wine critic Luis Gutiérrez, for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, dedicated high scores for Doña Paula wines.

Doña Paula Alluvia Parcel 2017 obtained 94 points. The critic described it as “This is a very powerful Malbec with terrific balance and nicely integrated oak. This vintage represents a huge change in this wine, which showcases the place like never before, with chalky tannins, concentration and elegance. This is now the finest wine in the portfolio”.

Another of the featured scores was for Estate Malbec 2018, which was awarded 90 points. The critic mentioned that “The wine is elegant and floral, clean and varietal, with a soft palate with round tannins and good balance. Very good value”.

Simmilarly, Doña Paula’s icon wine, Selección de Bodega, achieved 93 points with its 2016 vintage, and 92+ for the 2017. On the first one, Gutiérrez commented: “There are flowers from the Malbec, and there’s nuance and complexity. The palate is medium-bodied, and there’s length and balance”: In addition, for the 2017 vintage, he highlighted its “This is rounder and lusher, with a round palate, and there’s more concentration and power, but it’s nicely balanced”.

Meanwhile, the Altitude Blends range was also awarded excellent scores. Doña Paula 1350 2017 received 93 points, a wine that is “supple, powerful and elegant”, as the critic mentioned. Doña Paula 969 2019 achieved 92 points, “The wine has very good balance”, he said. On the other hand, Doña Paula 1100 2017 gained 91 points.

Lastly, the Estate range presented three of its varieties: Doña Paula Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2018 that received 91 points, while Estate Blue Edition 2017 achieved 90 points, same as the already mentioned Estate Malbec 2018.

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