Specialized Press visits to Doña Paula

In November, Doña Paula received a group of renowned journalists from England, Ireland and Denmark.



In November, Doña Paula received a group of renowned journalists from England, Ireland and Denmark. During their visit to the winery, they got to know two of its vineyards,Alluvia, in Gualtallary, Valle de Uco, and El Alto, in Ugarteche, Luján of Cuyo.

On the first day, Martín Kaiser – Agricultural Engineer at Doña Paula – briefed the group on the results of his studies about the influence of the soil and climate in the vineyards that were carried out in recent years. On that occasion, Doña Paula wines coming from the Uco Valley were also tasted.

On the second day, the visitors toured the soils where the winery is located, Ugarteche. The specialists participated in a tasting of wines coming from Luján de Cuyo that was conducted by Marcos Fernández, Chief Winemaker of the winery.


These three European countries are important markets for the winery, and they are still growing. Considering the semester that runs from May to November 2014 and comparing it with the same period in 2013, the most significant country for Doña Paula is England, since 70% more of 9-liter boxes was exported there in those months. Exports of 9-liter boxes to Ireland – also a prominent market – increased by 30%, and to Denmark – a country that still has much potential – by 6%.

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