Premium Tasting Presentation, Mendoza 2016


“Dear all, we had the honor to present part of our research work in the technical seminary of the Premium Tasting held on August 18th in Mendoza. With our usual spirit to share, educate and spread knowledge of the Argentine terroir we send a copy of the presentation in our Terroir in Focus. In the same you will find general information about the climate in the different winemaking regions from Argentina and some of the results obtained from the studies we made of Malbec wines coming from these regions”, commented by Martín Kaiser, Doña Paula’s winemaker.

Doña Paula was invited to present the results of its program Terroir in Focus in an event attended by 160 people. During the presentation we talked about the climate in the chemical and organoleptic conditions of Malbec, which came along with the tasting of 6 wines from trials coming from 4 different provinces of Argentina and those of various latitudes and heights, plus 2 wines from Cahors produced by Antonio Morescalchi and Leo Erazo. This last man accompanied the panelists and we also count with the valuable contribution of Joaquín Hidalgo.

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November 23, 2020

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