Our Wines

Our wines are a true reflection of the vineyard from which they come. They are elaborated through winemaking processes noble to the typical characteristics of each variety and each region.


All our wines are gluten free and vegan friendly.


Doña Paula Selección de Bodega

The expertise of our enologist, after years of investigating different soils and climates, is reflected in this Malbec that comes from Gualtallary. This wine tells the story of Doña Paula from the first harvest in 1999.

Doña Paula Parcel

These wines show the best expression of the terroir. Their elaboration is limited in quantity and only developed in exceptional harvests.

Doña Paula Altitude Blends

This line is made of Doña Paula 969 originated in Ugarteche, Doña Paula 1100 originated in El Cepillo and Doña Paula 1350 from Gualtallary.

Doña Paula Sauvage Blanc

The innovating spirit and the deep knowledge of Doña Paula about the Sauvignon Blanc variety inspired the creation of Doña Paula Sauvage Blanc. This is the first sparkling wine of Argentina elaborated with 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, a variety whose name comes from the French words sauvage (wild) and blanc (white).

Doña Paula Single Vineyard

Doña Paula vineyards are part of the essence of the winery. Thanks to their different soils, altitude, climatic variations and the biodiversity that surrounds them, we are able to obtain high quality wines. This line seeks to pay tribute to the diversity of soils in our vineyards.

Smoked by Doña Paula

An Argentine red blend aged in artisanal smoked barrels, inspired by Argentina’s grilling tradition.

Doña Paula Estate

Wines of an intense character that are born due to the thorough work, dedication and skills applied to the vineyard management, located in Luján de Cuyo and in the Uco Valley. They purity of the variety is highlighted through a harmonious palate and deep flavors, of a big body but also lively and complex.

Doña Paula Unique Organic

Moments, stories and shared drinks are unique. The people who work at a vineyard are unique. This wine, which knows the only way is that of sustainability, is Unique.

Doña Paula Rosé

Malva, a native flower from Mendoza, is the first one to bloom and it announces that Spring has started. Like the Malva, this Rosé made with Malbec grapes celebrates the new season with the freshness of the youngest wine.


This is a line of fresh, young and aromatic wines that pays honor to women from Argentine viticulture. These wines, of a big personality, come 100% from our own vineyards located close to the Andes.

Los Cardos Private Collection

This line of young wines combines the fresh and fruity style of Los Cardos, with woody notes, due to its ageing in toasted French oak.

Los Cardos

The thistle (from Spanish: “cardo”) is a flower of amazing colors and an incomparable beauty, also the unequivocal symbol of the presence of a good terroir. These wines are elaborated with 100% grapes coming from our own vineyards- located at more than 1,000 m.a.s.l at the foot of the Andes. They are fresh and very fruity wines.

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