Harvest Report 2014

The 2014 harvest was very challenging due to the variations in the factors conditioning the vineyards, such us extremely high and low temperatures and abundant rainfall.




As regards the red varieties, budding took place on the usual dates: at the beginning of October in the northern part of the Uco Valley, and around mid-October in the southern zone of said valley.

In the case of Chardonnay, the buds grew later and unevenly, owing to the frost of September 29, 2014. The rest of the white varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Torrontés, had no inconveniences during this period.


December and January were very hot, with maximum temperatures that were 1.2 degrees centigrade higher than the historical average for those months; this made the harvest start 10 days later than usual. On the other hand, February, March and April were two degrees colder than the historical average for those months.


The rainfall was very intense as of the second half of February and until mid-March. This delayed the beginning of the harvest in the white as well as in the red varieties. In the first case, the harvest started on February 13 and finished the second week of April in the south of the Uco Valley, and in the second case, the delay was of about one week, so the total harvest period closed at the end of April. The stony and sandy soils typical of the high zone allowed a good drainage of the excess water caused by these rains.

The grapes coming from the sectors with a larger presence of stones and a higher calcareous concentration stood out with special clarity as they offered more intense aromas and color.


The wines obtained from the white varieties have a distinct varietal character, very good acidity, and a final alcohol content lower than that of 2013, all of which has given them a fresher expression.

In the case of the red wines, there is an excellent acidity-color-alcohol balance which makes these wines display great freshness. The intense floral notes of the red wines and the citric character of the white ones are particularly noticeable.

Considering the characteristics of this season’s tannins, the red wines present an attractive sweetness which will allow them to be enjoyed very soon.


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