Wine Storage

There are certain conditions that are fundamental to preserving wines correctly while they are ageing: darkness, ventilation, temperature, and stability.

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Excessive exposure to light, like ultraviolet sun rays, halogen or fluorescent lamps, can spoil wine. A weak light, such as that provided by a 25-watt lamp, is ideal.



It is very important to ensure that the cellar is well ventilated. Good air circulation prevents musty smells and the development of fungi.



It is very important to avoid abrupt temperature changes when storing wines. Ideally, wine should be stored in a room with a constant temperature of 63oF (17oC).



Wine should not move inside the bottle. Therefore, the cellar should not be exposed to vibrations.



Humidity should be between 60% and 80%. Less than 60% may cause evaporation or oxidation, while more than 80 %may result in the development of fungi.



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