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Black pudding and Sardo cheese tartine with green apple and herb salad

Here we have an infallible pairing; a sanguine and spicy wine that joins, with similar notes, the Valencian black pudding. The crispy puff pastry of the tartine helps the tannic mouth sensation to round off and, as a perfect closing note, the herbaceous finish of the wine harmonizes with the herb salad and the sliced apples. The best thing is that this game creates the need for another bite.



  • Valencian black pudding – 400 g.
  • Sardo cheese – 200 g.
  • Puff pastry dough – 250 g.
  • Egg – 1 unit
  • Green apple – 2 units
  • Parsley – 1 small handful
  • Coriander – 1 small handful
  • Chives – 1 small handful
  • Fresh oregano – 1 small handful


Cut four 7x7cm squares of puff pastry and stick them together brushing them with egg wash. With a cutter or a small sharp knife, cut a smaller square forming a cavity, then stick it to the puff pastry base, and take it to the refrigerator for a few minutes – it will look like a “Vol-au-vent”. Bake it at high heat until it swells and takes a soft golden color; then lower the temperature and bake for a few more minutes to cook the inside.

Cut and remove the black pudding casing and break up the filling. Mix the black pudding with the grated cheese and half a grated apple. Form a paste and cook it for a few minutes in a frying pan with a dash of olive oil. Serve it hot on the puff pastry vol-au-vent and garnish with a herb salad and sliced apples.

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